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Once again we’re back for another round of NBA discussion, this time we went for twice as long and had a blast doing so… ok maybe a little too much fun. – have fun listening as much as we had making it!


Lets React! – David Blatt

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Cleveland Cavaliers

As of today, Blatt has been outed as the coach of Cavaliers, this following an onslaught of reports and scrutiny coming out of the Cavs camp from media around the league.

Where did this all go wrong?

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Courtside Conversations is back for another month with our January issue of the Courtside Conversations Magazine.

We’ve re-vamped the magazine with new designs and new writers, be on the look out for some great new content. This month Kyrie Irving gets the cover with his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and a quick look at his play so far from late December.

The latest issue will be out later this month!


The Podcast is here!

Our first of many podcast’s (Or as we called it “Tom and Jordan sh*t talking for half an hour) is below – have fun listening as much as we had making it!


Courtside Conversations Vol. 1 (December 2015)

Here is the first issue of Courtside Conversations, we are always looking for writers and designers.

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Welcome to Courtside Conversations

In 2016, Courtside Converstaions will be trying to put the fans perspective on various basketball topics throughout the NBA, NCAA and many more.

We will be focusing on 2 main mediums being a Podcast and E-Magazine. Essentially we would like to allow fans to have a voice that is unfiltered, full of bias and so many hot takes that there wouldn’t be enough fire emoji’s to even begin to describe it.

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