The possibility of 72-10



That letter means alot of things right now for this team – Warriors, Winning, Working, Wrecking, Will but with that has created a whole lot of Wonder.

Cliche introduction out of the way, the Golden State Warriors are 44-4 in the NBA regular season as I type this. Yes you read that correctly, after going on 4 months now, the Warriors have lost to 4 NBA teams and we are 2 months away from the end of the regular season.

So what does that mean?

Well the big topic surrounding this team right now is the record of the 1996 Chicago Bulls and their infamous 72-10 regular season record. The big question is can it be reached and can it be done by a team that has literally revolutionised the NBA right before our very eyes and some of us don’t even know it.

I could break down the Warriors play style but I can let 20 other sports analysts give you that and instead give you a wild amateur prediction. The Warriors have 34 games left and in those 32 games 8 of them are against the 3 teams that most would say are probable losses that doesn’t account for injuries, bad shooting nights etc. The Warriors still have to face the OKC Thunder 3 times, Spurs 3 times and the Clippers twice. Now this might not actually mean anything, but my point here is that realistically, as the Warriors progress to the finish line, teams will start hitting there rest points, so in fact it could be the teams outside the playoff bubble that give the Warriors their toughest games as we crawl into April.

So the final thought here – the proverbial hot-take that will have you snarl at your computer screen is this: Can the Warriors get to 72-10?

I’m going to say yes. And why? Because at this point in the world of Golden State the only games they can lose is to themselves.



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