Joe Johnson has gone M.I.A.


This week in NBA news brought us a transaction that seems like it was a late bloomer in what could have been the most uneventful trade deadline ever.

The Brooklyn Nets decided to wave their “star” player Joe Johnson and throughout the week the talks didn’t seem to stop about where Joe would end up.

So Joe’s ultimate decision was an interesting one, especially when we consider the playoffs and Johnson’s intentions.


Lets get some stats please!

In Johnson 57 games with Brooklyn this season he has averaged 11.8 points, 3.9 rebounds and 4.1 assists per game. This is slowly adding to the steady decline in Johnson’s season since signing with the Nets back in 2010. Granted, the team has changed alot since then, but for the previous All-Star seasons he had in Atlanta his game just hasn’t been the same.

The best thing for Johnson may just be being waived form the Nets, and it only took a few days for him to make up his mind on his next destination. The talks were that he could join Cleveland, Miami, OKC or even Toronto. Cleveland makes the most sense for Johnson if he wanted to chase a possible championship, which for any NBA player, is something that is enticing to entertain.

Brooklyn Nets v Atlanta Hawks


OKC would probably use Johnson as that one piece that can shoot the ball and shoot it well, but play a lower standard in terms of level of usage on the team. Toronto is interesting as they are making their playoff push this year and by adding Joe they could pick up that extra scoring when coming down the stretch of a game.

Ultimately, Joe Johnson decided to take his talents to south beach.

An interesting decision, as this may hinder his championship hopes due to the fact that even if Miami makes noise in the playoffs, they most likely won’t see the Conference Finals and their team is not going through a great stretch right now. However, perhaps this could be Pat Riley’s plan to add a building block in a bigger scheme of things. That is something that is not out of the question as we all know that Riley will attempt to lure the free agency of Kevin Durant this coming summer.

However this turns out, Miami now pick up a good player, who with this change in scenery might try to resurrect his career and get back to a place where his contribution to this team could surprise alot of people.

Does Johnson give the Heat a new revival and hopes for the playoffs?

I for one interested to see how this changes Miami for the next few years to come.


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