Zero Dark 23


For weeks now we’ve heard LeBron this and LeBron that, but in those last few weeks something that this LeBron is doing has changed and its almost perfect timing as the Cavaliers gear up for a playoff run.

For LeBron however, at this point in his career he has shown that even with all the talks about him being out-shined by the Warriors and Steph Curry, he still manages to fool everyone (at least the media) into thinking he’s regressed and borderline done.

But for James, the playoffs are just starting and so is his NBA season


This is exactly what James wants and most of the high level media know it, but for every other hot take sports media outlet, LeBron and the Cavs are being counted out and do not seem to be within a fighting chance of winning this years Finals.

Granted, this years Finals are the least of the Cavs problems, and as LeBron knows, the East is slowly becoming alot better and is not so much of a cake walk like before. While I personally don’t see any team in the East this year defeating a heavily experienced James, it seems less likely that there will be many 4 game sweeps this year round.

It’s clear that the Cavs had alot of reflecting to do this season, and with a roster now consisting of a majority of new faces from last year, does this Cavs team suit exactly what James has planned? It’s currently no secret that if LeBron does not get the productivity he requires for a team to beat the West and it does bring up the questions about LeBron’s playoff window.

With game styles constantly changing this does not mean that teams must adapt and reform as we saw last year when Cleveland had a the jump on the Warriors when it came to the series lead. Things happen and if I could pick one factor that hung over that playoffs it was that Golden State was fresh to the Finals and that would be the reason they fell down 3-2 to Cleveland.

And yet, the pain for LeBron should still be there, but also for his teammates.


“I just want these guys to understand how important this moment is. We have a great opportunity to do something special, at least compete for something special.”

It has become easier and easier to count out LeBron and pray for his shortcomings and maybe its because people feel he has been handed things that he has actually earned. Recently its been a hot and cold game of LeBron wanting to praise his teammates before quickly turning around and telling them to shape up. Honestly, I don’t think this is a problem – because when you want to win so badly such as James does it can be tough to deal with when others around you don’t feel the same way.

We should have confidence that LeBron will show up to the Playoffs this year. However the real question now is, will the rest of the Cavaliers find the same passion and desire that LeBron has been trying to convey?


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