Tweet This, Meanie

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No, I have not retired from blogging; just too busy with the 9-5 and this crazy little thing called life. Sometimes it takes an event or an article to really provoke some thought and compel someone to write. Today, I found just that.

Jimmy Kimmel has a popular segment called “Mean Tweets” where celebrities read mean tweets that people have said about them. I find this segment particularly funny and have laughed out loud watching it. Kimmel is an entertainer and as such, his skits are funny.

However, here is something that is not funny. Here is an article from AdWeek. It is titled “Men Read Mean Tweets About Female Sportswriters, and Are Shocked at How Dark It Gets.” The video is below:

I’d like to give a huge shout out to “Not Just Sports.” They are the group who put this together. I’ve never listened to any…

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