The Series… so far.



So here we are. After a playoffs full of the best drama that only sports can offer we arrive at a Game 7 in the NBA Finals.

It’s crazy to go back and think of the narrative that was beginning to be written at the start of this NBA season mainly involving the leagues 2 biggest superstars. LeBron and Curry have been deathmatched against each other all season and yet we should now realise that none of it matters now and none of mattered prior to April.

As we finally approach the final game here is storied review of the series so far.

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Game 1 or as it will be better known – The Shaun Livingston Game – was one that left Cavs fans wondering who actually beat us?

Game 1 kicked off with a bang but not for the splash bros of Oakland but rather the Bench Bros and everything that Cleveland seemed to try and stop was somehow transferred throughout the Warriors back-up players. The Dubs smacked the Cavs from the start and the hot takes ensued by the media, and yet it was only one game.



In another Chronicle of this series we found ourselves dubbing Game 2 as the Draymond Green game. What are you suppose to do when your teammates that are known for their amazingly accurate 3-point shooting but they are currently not at their best during the Finals?

The only way to answer that long question is to give the Cavs a long night to wonder how the hell they allowed Draymond Green to catch fire and go off for 28 points on 5 of 8 shooting from 3-point range.

Well, for the Cavs to go down 2-0 it was this almost 40-point loss that should be able to kickstart Cleveland as the questions of this series competitiveness lingered for the next few days after.



The Kevin Love Game….. but not really.

After losing badly at Golden State rumblings of an imminent finals sweep were being thrown around like the food fight the internet is. “It’s over!” they shouted. Well as we’d all find out, the Cavs have LeBron James and he doesn’t really enjoy being swept since he got it handed to him in 2007. At the Q the Cavaliers reigned supreme and let the Warriors know they weren’t going down easy.

Still though, everyone clamoured for a performance from the unanimous MVP but once again it was dark as the Warriors failed to do much in the 4th. They looked like a different team after it was all said and done.

We had a series now if Cleveland could hold on.



The “Ask and you shall receive” Game.

Yeah so this guy Steph Curry decided that Game 4 was the game where he would make his mark on the series. The back to back MVP dropped 38 on the Cavs and helped put the Warriors in the ever so decisive 3-1 series lead.

In Cleveland it was scary times ahead as the realisation had set in that this was going to be 2015 all over again however this time it would be even worse. Knowing that your whole team was healthy and primed for a competitive series – how could you possibly be down 3-1 with the series going back to Oakland?



“Hey could you imagine if Kyrie and LeBron went into Oracle Arena in a Game 5 situation being down 3-1 and scored a combined 82 points to get themselves a Game 6 back at home.” – Noone Ever.

When you’re in rare company in terms of scoring, you almost always have it be the result of a winning result in some way. For LeBron and Kyrie, it was clear from the jump that they were not prepared to let their season go to waste. The Warriors may have been missing Draymond Green and later Andrew Bogut, but at this time of the year there are no excuses. This remains true when you allow 2 of the top 10 players in the league currently go for 82 combined points. The Cavs torched the as they scrambled for any answer possible in front of their home crowd as their chances of closing the series out slipped away further and further.

This was more about what the Warriors couldn’t do in comparison to what they could – it was simple – the Cavs were just better. While Draymond was being cheered for going to the restroom at the Oakland A’s game, there was nothing to cheer about within Oracle Arena for what seemed like the firs time this season. Their fans hearts were ripped out by the team donning their Black Uniforms in statement-like fashion.

Hey Bron, how you like them sleeves now?




No team in NBA History has ever comeback from a 3-1 series deficit and coming into Game 6 it didn’t feel like the Cavs would get a chance to even try to break that record. With Green’s suspension out of the way the Warriors seemed favourites to revisit the upset over Cleveland on their home floor and take a 2nd NBA Championship.

Well if we know anything by now it is that the NBA is hard to predict (keep your conspiracies to yourself) and also that LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all-time and the most consistent. It just wasn’t the Warriors night as they decided they’d lose the game from the opening tip, eventually we’d see the explosion of Steph Curry who ended his night hurling his mouthguard straight into CavsNation. 2-Time MVP. All-Time mouthguard thrower/chewer.

And so it was written as we wait for Game 7:


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