All-Star Starting 5

The 2017 All-Star starters were announced and as always there are disagreements with who made it and who was snubbed.

This year is no different, however I personally don’t care who starts, more importantly who makes the teams in general. Regardless, some people care for the starters and hold the title in a certain light that can drive them to the point of anger if the feel someone they like was wronged.

So did they get it right?

Western Conference All-Star Starting 5:

Steph Curry & Kevin Durant


Let’s get it out of the way now – Russell Westbrook was robbed of a starting position by Steph Curry.

That is however if we are looking at stats and the meaning less award that is the All-Star MVP which Westbrook has won the last 2 years. But if we look at the overall entertainment factor of each of these starters, Westbrook unfortunately doesn’t make the cut in my opinion.

The reason why Curry and Durant are the perfect tandem to start the All-Star game is a product of what we’ve seen through the first half of this year from the Warriors. It’s the shooting, passing and pure pace at which these 2 guys can play at and then to even combine that with any other Warrior making this All-Star team and you’ve got the most exciting basketball on the Hardwood today.

Warriors fan or not, denying that the Warriors don’t play the most entertaining brand of basketball is the result of a stubborn NBA fan, but for the rest of us our hearts tell us we want to see these 2 in the All-Star game as they were made for the event.

Kawhi Leonard


Call the Spurs what you want, but Kawhi Leonard is so far from boring and fundamental that it’s almost a shame that he remains one of the NBA’s best players and talents in a system where flash and style are almost frowned upon. While the Spurs don’t force this on their players they do buy in to it and while it brings them great success, it deprives those who may not appreciate the fundamental greatness of Spurs basketball.

Leonard deserves to be an All-Star for the rest of his playing days assuming he wouldn’t fall from his current greatness. His seemingly careless game where he’s doing things that blow our mind but with one the most stoic looks that would turn anybody into concrete if he were to look at you, like some kind of super-power. My point here is that the All-Star game is made for the super-human athletes and for Leonard he ticks that box forever and ever.

James Harden


With Westbrook out of the starting lineup Harden slots in perfectly and deservedly so because once again the way that James plays is perfect for All-Star Weekend. Can’t you see it now, Harden throwing all the lobs he does in Houston but instead of having Montrezl Harrell or Nene on the receiving end it’s Durant, Davis etc.

If that isn’t enough to excite you, picture Harden getting into a mini-game of shot-for-shot with someone on the East or better yet – someone on this own team! I’m frothing at the mouth even at the thought of what dazzling moves Harden will bring to New Orleans and you should be too.

Anthony Davis


How can you not vote in the home team’s star player? Secondly, how could you not vote in Anthony Davis for the simple fact that it’s ANTHONY-FREAKING-DAVIS!?

I get it, nobody wakes thinking “Man I sure would love to watch the Pelicans play today!”. However, I’m going to advise you to try it every now and then because Anthony Davis is in the same category as your Antetokounmpo’s and Leonard’s as the All-TalentedAsHell- NBA First Team.

Davis has every right to be in this game and even more right to be starting as the thing is in his own city. We long to see Anthony Davis use his talents for a good team, and for now at least the All-Star game is the only place where we can find maximum enjoyment watching Davis do Davis things.


Eastern Conference All-Star Starting 5:

Lebron James


There’s only one All-Star lock left in the league currently and it’s not up for debate whatsoever. LeBron James has deserved every All-Star vote he’s received and until his stats start to decline dramatically he should continue to be an All-Star every year.


Kyrie Irving


Here’s where things get a bit tricky, while I do beleive that Irving deserves his All-Star spot, in a year where the East point guards have shown up and balled out. 2 guards specifically come to mind when discussing who could replace Kyrie and they reside in Boston and Washington.

Like I said, Kyrie does deserve this spot for what he brings to the Cavaliers and if we had an one-on-one competition between Wall, Kyrie and Thomas I’d like to think my money would be on Kyrie, but I’d also pay alot of money to see a king of the court game between those 3. Wall has a case as a starter because his role for the Wizards is heavily undermined because they haven’t had great success, but make no mistake about it John Wall is one of the leagues best point guards and can torch your other point guard any night. Thomas on the other hand has had one of the most amazing offensive half season putting up numbers that are on par with those of MVP Allen Iverson.

Yes all 3 of them should be on the Eastern squad but as for a starter, as entertaining as the other 2 guys are Irving still holds that title for the foreseeable future.

Demar DeRozan


Derozan has shown massive improvement this year and is choice to stay well away from the 3 point line has proved very beneficial to his game and the Raptors offense. Derozan’s mid-range game is entertaining in itself, the way he can get his own shot against almost any player position is a skill that very few guards possess these days.

Demar is no stranger to the All-Star game and he’s a good fit for the team, though his best chance at MVP would be to go on a scoring exhibition like no other wiht whoever guards him. It’s not as if it can’t be done as we saw when the season began Derozan gave teams fits that within the first week we had Derozan being a possible MVP candidate.

Jimmy Butler


Jimmy could have almost had his spot taken but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve his spot on the starting 5. Butler has had some games where he’s risen to an MVP worthy player and has certainly made a huge leap this year.

Jimmy brings the same sort of game that Derozan does to the ASG – scoring, scoring and more scoring. Sure he’ll show some flash every now and then but I can’t help but feel that another guard could have taken this spot.

Giannis Antetokounmpo


This is one of the most obvious starters by far and if Giannis wasn’t going to start it would have been a real shame. Giannis embodies everything about All-Star Weekend – he’s young, can score at will, arguably the most athletically gifted player in the league and the list goes on.

The Eastern All-Star team just wouldn’t be the same without the greek freak and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m eager to see Giannis dribble twice and have me wonder how he made it from on free throw line to the other in 2 seconds.

Out of all 5 players on the Eastern squad, this pick is the most deserving and his numbers and overall amazing play so far this season has warranted his arrival as an NBA All-Star.


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