Picture Perfect


Last night was a great duel between a team that is seemingly coasting through the NBA season constantly looking for challengers that dare to answer the bell.

Sometimes, you just can’t win the fight, but moral victories do not go to the wayside after a game like this one in Miami, especially for Hassan Whiteside.

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What Time Is It?… DAME TIME.


Damian Lillard was snubbed this year from the All-Star Game plain and simple.

Whether this has something to do with Kobe Bryant taking up a spot on the West or not, most NBA fans would agree that on any other given day the man down in Portland should have secured a spot on that All-Star team.

Don’t think so?

Let’s Look at that roster again.

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One of the most entertaining days of the All-Star Weekend just wrapped up and I’ll be the first to admit that it was one of the best weekends across all 3 events, which is rare these days.

Lets Begin.

Skills Challenge


A great warm-up event that saw Karl-Anthony Towns take the crown.

It was a great battle as the newest addition to the Skills Challenge requiring the players to hit a 3 point shot at the end proved to produce the “edge-of-your-seat” moments.

KAT beat out Boston’s Isaiah Thomas and helps win it for team bigs!

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Waiting to Take Off

Currently the ninth seed in the west the Houston Rockets are facing a trying time in the James Harden era.

The questions sorrounding this team started very early this season and continues to linger.

So where did it start?

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Welcome to Courtside Conversations

In 2016, Courtside Converstaions will be trying to put the fans perspective on various basketball topics throughout the NBA, NCAA and many more.

We will be focusing on 2 main mediums being a Podcast and E-Magazine. Essentially we would like to allow fans to have a voice that is unfiltered, full of bias and so many hot takes that there wouldn’t be enough fire emoji’s to even begin to describe it.

Join the journey at anytime by emailing courtsideconversations@gmail.com