Courtside Conversations: #SignatureSeries

The second instalment in Courtside Conversation’s #SignatureSeries is Steph Curry’s game winner from OKC a few months back. Simply Amazing.



The Shot (2016)


This past weekend, the NBA world was given one of the best moments of the season in a game that will be key to everything the Warriors are doing this year.

What we all witnessed will be talked about and archived away for with some the best game winners ever. In todays world of the internet, information is quick and everyone has a voice taking local discussions to a worldwide platform.

So lets talk about what happened in OKC.

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The newest Podcast is here!

Once again we’re back for another round of NBA discussion, this time we went for so long we had to have it split into 2 PARTS!


PART 1 – In Memory Of: NBA Coaches, The Brooklyn Nets, The Lakers, Trade Talks – Who Should Blow It Up?

PART 2 – All Star Round Table, Dunk Contest, 3pt Shoot Out, Skills Challenge, All-Star Snubs, EAST VS WEST and The Steph Curry Debate& Did Money Buy His Shot, The Road to 72-10?

The possibility of 72-10



That letter means alot of things right now for this team – Warriors, Winning, Working, Wrecking, Will but with that has created a whole lot of Wonder.

Cliche introduction out of the way, the Golden State Warriors are 44-4 in the NBA regular season as I type this. Yes you read that correctly, after going on 4 months now, the Warriors have lost to 4 NBA teams and we are 2 months away from the end of the regular season.

So what does that mean?

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